Picture of Plastic Dress
Plastic Dress



Picture of Plastic Skirt/Pant
Plastic Skirt/Pant



Picture of Plastic Suit/Combo
Plastic Suit/Combo



Picture of Foam for Plastic Hangers
Foam for Plastic Hangers


Picture of Wooden Suit Hangers
Wooden Suit Hangers
Picture of Caped Wire
Caped Wire


13 gauge

Picture of Suit Wire
Suit Wire


13 gauge

Picture of Shepards Hook (chrome)
Shepards Hook (chrome)
Picture of 19" Plastic Hangers
19" Plastic Hangers
Picture of Hanger Organizer
Hanger Organizer
Picture of Tie Hanger/Organizer
Tie Hanger/Organizer

Keep tie selection easily accessible in an organized fashion with the tie hanger/organizer.  Excellent for scarves as well. Holds up to 24.

Picture of Belt Hanger/Organizer
Belt Hanger/Organizer
Picture of Retro Lingerie Hanger
Retro Lingerie Hanger


Picture of Black Plastic Wide Shoulder Hanger
Black Plastic Wide Shoulder Hanger


Picture of Heavy Wire Suit
Heavy Wire Suit


11.5 gauge